Aluminum Foil Zipper Lock Pouch For Dog Food

Pet food bags are used to package a variety of pet food, its quality directly affects the quality of pet food. The materials could be PP/PE、PE/PE、PET/PE、NY/PE 、PET/NY/PE、PET/MPET/PE、PET/AL/PE 、PET/NY/AL/PE、PET/AL/PET/PE and High temperature cooking bag. It depends on the weight, style, processing method, Shelf life after packaging etc. In addition to material selection, printing cooperation, additional design such as multiple opening and closing zipper, slider zipper, one-way exhaust valve, oblique nozzle tube, etc. all help to strengthen the maximum value of pet food packaging bags. The bag type include: stand-up pouch, flat bottom bag, back sealed bag etc.